Yoshi Racing Club

Yoshi Racing Club is electronic a producer Mark Walton with whoever is around at the time when he's in the mood for making music. He explains the idea behind the Yoshi sound.

"I'm a massive music fan but in particular I love two artists: Mogwai and Autechre. The idea behind Yoshi was to have Autechre like beats with Mogwai like guitar soundscapes. I know it's definitely not worked but I kind of like the result anyway."

Yoshi released their first album "Lullaby District Session" on their own Rhythmic Pleasure Corporation imprint in 2009. Their follow up is due on JAG in 2011. In the meantime, you can enjoy their latest track "Reoccuring Dream of Falling" on the JAG label sampler "The Cure For Whatever It Is That Ails You".

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The Cure For Whatever It Is That Ails You
Album, 2010

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