'The Cure For Whatever It Is That Ails You'

Type: Album
Release Date: 26th July 2010
Format: Download, CD

You can buy this release on CD for 7 pounds from the webshop.
Also available to download at: iTunes, play.com, Tesco Digital, TuneTribe, Napster, eMusic, mflow, Sky Songs and Nokia Music.

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If you ring the Jag door bell, then this is the compilation that opens the door and welcomes you in. This is the perfect introduction to the sounds of Jag - once you're the other side of this album you'll have a very good idea of what Jag are all about.

The fourteen tracks take you from whimsical acoustic to synthy post rock via techno, electronica and other styles and genres in between. The progression from each track to the next points to the diversity of the styles on the Jag roster, whilst also showing that these styles can work together to create a magnificent and extremely enjoyable musical journey.

This compilation is the reason why the word juxtaposition was invented. This is the sonic medicine designed specifically for bored and undernourished ears. This is the cure for whatever it is that ails you.


  1. Gladman - A Little Heat
  2. Lounge Puppy - Flavoured Rhino
  3. Liquitex - Ones & Zeros
  4. Paul Davies - 12.15
  5. Juno Maracas - I Know There's A Question
  6. Yoshi Racing Club - Reoccurring Dream of Falling
  7. Planet Raiders - 8bit
  8. Gladman & Juno Maracas - DRUNK
  9. Liquitex - Greys Carousel
  10. The Gummy Web - Coda
  11. Paul Davies - Question Everything
  12. Juno Maracas - Wigeon Polanski
  13. Gladman - Rounds
  14. Lounge Puppy - Bruised Cloud Castles

For more information contact Jag.

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