The Crowd That Entertains

JEA Wallace and Jon Cross have known each other since they were knee high to a grasshopper. For many of those years they both made their own music, sometimes with others and sometimes by themselves, occasionally even jamming or recording together just for kicks.

Seven years ago now, Mr. Wallace approached Mr.Cross about guesting on an album that needed his unique talents. "Wonderland Blues" was recorded in London, it would become their first full collaboration and The Crowd That Entertains was born..

Since then, through a quite frankly miraculous turn of events, and having had adventures rich and various (including their second album Decorate The Trenches), they have ended up married to beautiful American women and living opposite each other on the Upper East Side of New York City. They are now at work, closer and more collaborative than ever, on their third album "The Heist" which we are presenting for you here, exclusively on Jag.

With influences that sometimes make their music sound like The Tragically Hip, The Travelling Wilburys and Tom Waits all lived in a cupboard for a year, they would describe the result as folky and funky poetry infused bluesy rock that, like any good story, can make you laugh, cry and dance.


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The Heist
Album, 2012

The Heist by soundsofjag

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