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'The Heist'

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About 'The Heist'

'The Heist' is an adventure-packed narrative album by New York-based songwriter duo The Crowd That Entertains, and it is being released for free - song-by-song, month-by-month, through Jag's mailing list.

The story revolves around a man who busts his brother out of jail, and the one last score they are going to need to pull off if they are ever going truly to be free. Will they make it? There's only one way to find out...

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Here's an overview of the story so far:

  1. Priest Disguise
    Wearing a false moustache and clutching a booby trapped bible, a man sneaks into the jail where his brother is held captive.
  2. Chasing The Octopus
    Followed by howling sirens the brothers make their getaway.
  3. Don't Know What
    Having sought refuge after dark in an abandoned cabin in the woods, one of our heroes begins to question his decision and his actions as a relaxed bluesy music duvet envelops him.
  4. No Copper's Fool
    The story continues after one brother's dark night of the soul with the other brother waking up outside prison for the first time in a long time and joyfully singing about being 'no copper's fool'...
  5. The Money To
    On the run, in the middle of nowhere, the brothers badly need a plan. They want to escape and be free and they could if only... they had the money to.
  6. We're Heading South
    This latest episode is a stylophone infused drive to the edge of Jeff Lynne's mind - The two brothers have a plan, and a place to be, now all they have to do is get there.
  7. The Railroad Tracks
    "The train stops outside this shack once a day. You stay here and take notes. I'm off into town." And so the latest chapter of The Heist unfolds with one brother expressing his not-happiness in a desert drenched distorted blues stomp, while the other takes a stroll through town in the sun...
  8. Guns And Old Rope
    It's the night before the heist - still holed up in the shack by the railroad, the two brothers get what they will need together and keep their spirits up, for a while, with a song...
  9. En La Ultima Noche
    It is the night before the heist... the two brothers have come a long way on this journey, and not always very happily. How will they survive this night of fear, dread and impossible hopes? Perhaps that accordion in the corner could help...
  10. The Heist Begins
    This is the day the brothers have been waiting for... the train will only be sitting outside the shack for a few minutes; all they have to do is uncouple the last car and take what is inside...
  11. The Bloody Getaway
    The brothers flee the scene of the Heist with a handful of gold and an armful of guts - and it's a long way home...
  12. The Ballad Of The Screaming Legs
    And so here it is, the final chapter of The Heist and the brothers' journey comes to an end. It's a long goodbye and it's one you can sing along to!

About The Crowd That Entertains

Erstwhile Englishmen JEA Wallace and Jon Cross have known each other since they were knee high to a grasshopper. For many of those years they both made their own music, sometimes with others and sometimes by themselves, occasionally even jamming or recording together just for kicks.

Seven years ago now, Mr. Wallace approached Mr.Cross about guesting on an album that needed his unique talents. "Wonderland Blues" was recorded in London, it would become their first full collaboration and The Crowd That Entertains was born.

Soon after the band's incarnation, Jon Cross fled the nest to New York's Upper East Side where he took an American bride. Before long he was joined by his bandmate who, in order to pursue his writing career, took a flight across the Atlantic. There, as luck would have it, he found an American bride of his own.

Today, the two friends live opposite each other and are more creative than ever, as documented on their uniquely English take on American life and legend, 'The Heist'.

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The Heist by soundsofjag

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