Raven Beats Crow

"Beautiful, big, cinematic stuff".
Tom Robinson

Raven Beats Crow were formed in London in 2007 but they'd known each other a lot longer than that, having gigged together in various bands around town or attended school together. They comprise of singer/keyboardist Liam Relph, keyboardist/guitarist Sam Jackson, guitarist Robin Peters and bassist Jon Cheney.

It's fair to say that Raven Beats Crow reside in a world that is all their own, a magical ornithological, robot-inhabited place that is tinged with 70's b-movie fairy dust. They have developed a strong live reputation through their ongoing series of Club Raven events, which have seen them host gigs in locations as diverse as a reference library and a crypt. They have also been known to host their own festival and once supported Mark Ronson at KOKO after winning a battle of the bands.

Attendees of Club Raven have grown used to coming face to face with red-eyed ravens, hypnotic visual effects and even a robot called Roland. As for the band themselves... if you see some smartly-dressed chaps with animal heads, that'll be them. Or they could be the illuminated skeletons wandering about. Or the twee gentlemen that look like they've just stepped out of 1934...

You never know what you're going to get from these wide-eyed gents with feathers in their hair. They have even created their own brand of bird-themed top trumps (in their own words: Tup Tromps), but then that's not entirely surprising considering the official band secretary goes by the suitably mysterious moniker Birdman.

The band's debut release came in the form of the 'Zola Budd EP', which came out through their own Birdhide Records imprint in late 2010. This was championed by 6 Music's Tom Robinson, who went on to invite the band for an interview on his Introducing show.

Raven Beats Crow's latest EP, 'Dark Matters', is available through all major digital outlets now.


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