Raven Beats Crow
'Dark Matters'

Type: EP
Release Date: 30th April
Format: Download

Contact: Paul Davies, paul@soundsofjag.co.uk

Idiosyncratic bird-lovers Raven Beats Crow will be releasing the 'Dark Matters' EP through Jag on 30th April.

This is the band's second EP, following on from 2010's 'Zola Budd', and was meticulously crafted in their own Birdhide studios throughout the second half of 2011. In the band's own words, "we blocked out any external influences and tried to make the music we wanted - which included producing and mixing the entire thing ourselves."

As the title suggests, 'Dark Matters' reveals the band's darker side. And they've managed to do it while maintaining the unique mix of pop sensibilities and psychedelia that has made them such an attraction on the alternative live scene. As the band explain, "the EP is as close to the Raven beats Crow sound as we we're ever likely to get."

Tom Robinson at 6 Music is already a big fan, describing their sound as "beautiful, big, cinematic stuff".

Raven Beats Crow were formed in London in 2007 but they'd known each other a lot longer than that, having gigged together in various bands around town or known each other from school. They comprise of singer/keyboardist Liam Relph, keyboardist/guitarist Sam Jackson, guitarist Robin Peters and bassist Jon Cheney.

The songs were pretty much written spontaneously at the same time by the whole band, with lead singer Liam Relph supplying the lyrics. Here's their track-by-track guide:

  1. Niche Separation
    "A skewed tale of breaking down and breaking up - the title refers to the process in which two competing species can co-exist in the same eco-system. Musically the song lulls the listener into an early morning-hungover-woozy-analogue-psychedelic haze before crashing headlong into a juggernaut of feedback and white noise."

  2. Super-Rope
    "A futuristic glam/motorik/northern soul/disco gone wrong, where seedy men and desperate women live entwined but very separate cyber-lives, like a lovers dream cast in araldite and sugar candy."

  3. Nikave
    "Lost youth. The appreciation of forgotten naievty. The longing for simpler times and relationships. With a sound akin to Nick Cave being molested by The Aphex Twin."

  4. Second Floor
    "It's about a discovered Berlin-based 1940s Swingers Club poster - 'The Second Floor Club'. What actually happens on the second floor? Would I make it out alive? We went for jerky cut-and-paste electronics with wonky guitars - Mark E Smith meets LCD Soundsystem performed by the Kraftwerk Robots."

  5. Golden One
    "Taking it's inspiration from classic TV sports themes (Grandstand, Sports night etc) Golden One is a paean to the upcoming Olympics as well as an homage to the 'Library Music' of the 70's/80's adding RbC's electronic groove and a sprinkling of Manga-style fantasy. An honorific assault on Le Coq Sportif."

"They engulf the listener in a psychedelic disco of pink haze, at a location not too distant from the Flaming Lips' paradise island"
Ric Rawlins, Artrocker

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