Paul Davies
'Tradition In Modern Times'

Type: Album
Release Date: 31st January
Format: Download (DAPPERD03), Download (DAPPERD03)

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  1. To That Which Remains
  2. 12.15
  3. True Romance
  4. Tale Of The Unexpected
  5. It's Not What You've Done, It's What It Does To You
  6. Murder In Mudchute
  7. In Matters Of Emergency
  8. It's Better To Seek Forgiveness Than Permission
  9. Everyone Sang
  10. District & Circle
  11. One More Little Drink
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About 'Tradition In Modern Times'

Paul Davies is a singer/songwriter from London and ‘Tradition In Modern Times’ is his first album through Jag. As the title and cover sleeve suggest, a sense of history permeates throughout, but rather than being a throwback to the past it celebrates what’s left behind and how it fits into the modern world, particularly in London.

The narrative vocal style echoes the influence of Serge Gainsbourg and Nick Cave, while the poetic and often dark nature of the lyrics offer a take on modern life that is both wry and unique.

The album was recorded in London throughout 2009 and 2010, and was recorded and produced by Davies. The lead single, ‘It’s Not What You’ve Done, It’s What It Does To You’ was hailed by Steve Lamacq as “a wry take on life” on his Radio 2 show. The album has also garnered airplay on Tom Robinson’s Introducing show on BBC 6 Music.

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