Paul Davies

Type: Single
Release Date: 15th August 2011
Format: Download
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  1. OK
  2. KO

Paul Davies is a singer/songwriter from the leafy London suburb of Kingston. His new single is released on 15th August through his own Jag label, and will be available in all major digital outlets.

"OK" marks the author's first new material since his album, "Tradition In Modern Times", came out last year. The single showcases a stripped-back approach compared to previous releases and a new-found mellowness. Paul describes the song as "a whimsical and dream-like journey into the blue."

He goes on to explain that "the light feel of the song betrays its true origin, as it was actually written whilst watching Alfred Hitchcock's dark thriller, 'Psycho'. I don't think you should read anything into that though!"

The b-side, "KO", is a backwards homage to one of Paul's biggest influences: "The Stone Roses had a massive effect on me when I was growing up and I always loved their experimental side. I was mixing 'OK' and playing around with some backward tracks and ended up playing the whole thing backwards and recording some guitar and vocals over the top. It was great fun!"

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