Paul Davies
'Man About Town'

Type: Album
Release Date: May 2008

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In a day and age when being ‘English’ (note inverted commas) in music is, thanks to some ‘artists’ (note inverted commas), now a saleable commodity, it seems everyone’s accentuating their accents in an attempt to increase their national authenticity (and record sales, too, of course).

So it’s refreshing when someone comes along who isn’t just jumping on this despicable bandwagon and peppering their lyrics with glottal stops and mockney slang, but who actually embodies the very essence of traditional Englishness. Paul Davies, aka The Man About Town, carries his national heritage with his guitar. His songs sum up today’s England – London, specifically – with its “run down shops, office blocks, age old concrete scars”, yet all with a sense of nostalgia for a more idyllic version that perhaps existed in the past, or that could exist in the future, one devoured in this rat-race society and compromised and overpowered by consumerist greed.

Politics aside, the songs are light, breezy slices of life without pretension – jangly, summery tunes that float along in the London smog and then rise high above it. Davies’ distinctive vocals lend the songs an air of weathered innocence – as if he’s trying to keep hold of what he knows is gone. If you want easy listening Fratellis-lite singalongs, this probably isn’t for you (though it should be) – but for an accurate reflection of British life, The Man About Town has it down to a tee. Or is that tea?

Mischa Pearlman


  1. Life Is For Living
  2. Man About Town
  3. Wouldn't Change A Thing
  4. Don't Know You're Born
  5. Revolution On My Mind
  6. Billy Jones
  7. The Dapper Men
  8. Everyone Knows
  9. Don't The Sun Look Good Going Down
  10. Question Everything
  11. A Lovelourn Week

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