Paul Davies
'It's Not What You've Done, It's What It Does To You'

Type: Single
Release Date: 7th September 2010
Format: CD, Download (DAPPERD04)

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Paul Davies is a singer/songwriter from London. He began his musical career as a mastering engineer but soon moved to the other side of the mixing desk to write and record his own music. His sound is acoustically led with sparse rhythm arrangements and piano to support his uniquely narrative vocal style.

ĎItís Not What Youíve Done, Itís What It Does To Youí is the first single from Paul's album, 'Tradition In Modern Times'. In true DIY fashion, Davies wrote and recorded the song himself, playing every instrument in the process.

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  1. Itís Not What Youíve Done, Itís What It Does To You
  2. You've Been On My Mind

Press Clippings

"It's got a real ramshackle appeal to it."
6 Music
"A true English (anti)hero."
The Fly
"We'll be watching out for more from this guy!"
"A light, breezy slice of life without pretension,"

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