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'If You Only Knew' EP

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Jag is pleased to announce Paul Davies's return to the public domain with the release of 'If You Only Knew'.

This is Paul's first collection of songs since 2010's 'Tradition In Modern Times', which was also released through Jag. Full details are below, but if you have any further enquiries you can contact Paul at

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About Paul Davies

Paul Davies is a London-based songwriter with a lot on his mind. Listen to his albums and you'll encounter love, hate, despair, romance, humour, suspense, murder and intrigue - all wrapped up in a sound caught somewhere between The Kink's and Dylan plugging himself in, while Nick Cave and Serge Gainsbourg watch on. Steve Lamacq described him as having "a wry take on life" which pretty much sums up his (sometimes dark) lyrical style.

His musical career began when he landed a job in a West London recording studio, where he was responsible for brewing somewhere in the region of 1000 cups of tea, with notable drinkers including luminaries such as Jarvis Cocker and Elton John. After progressing to being a fully-fledged mastering engineer, he gradually realised that writing songs was far more fun than recording them.

So, following stints in a number of bands playing all over London, he launched his solo career with the self-released 'Man About Town' album in 2008. 'Tradition In Modern Times' followed in 2010 on Jag Records, a label which he co-founded with some like-minded lovers of all things creative and independent.

If You Only Knew

Following a year-long hiatus, he is back with a new EP called 'If You Only Knew'. This self-produced effort began life in early 2011 before being put on hold due to a bout of writers block. It wasn't until nearly 12 months later, following a stint managing London-based band Raven Beats Crow, that he returned to it.

Recruiting Liam Relph and Robin Peters from the band to help out on keyboards and guitar, along with long-time collaborator Ross Gamble on drums and percussion, recording continued in earnest throughout the first half of 2012. The resulting EP offers an original, and at times experimental, slant to his most heartfelt collection of songs yet.

Paul's own track-by-track guide can be found below.

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Track By Track Guide

  1. Break My Heart, Set Me Free
    "I was listening to a lot of The Kinks and The La's and I wanted to get a good rhythm out of an acoustic guitar. It's the instrument rock'n'roll was invented on after all. I came up with the riff then played it to Ross and Rob (my drummer and guitarist) and it quickly developed a life of its own."

  2. Guilt Behind Closed Doors
    "This was originally intended as a duet. The lyrics are conversational, but I couldn't get the dialogue to work so recorded the main vocals myself. I was trying to capture the sound of matrimony gone wrong by having an organ playing low minor notes. It's as far from the bridal march as I could get."

  3. Isobelle, If You Only Knew
    "I wrote this after a drunken night in Notting Hill. I was a with a girl that I'd wanted to ask out for a long time, but in my drunkenness all I could do was stare blankly at her. I never did get to go out with her. But I did get this song out of it so it wasn't all bad."

  4. What He Did
    "This is one of the very few times I wrote the lyrics first. I was sat on Brighton beach one cloudy, winter afternoon and the words came out really quickly. Then I went home, picked up my guitar and put it to music straight away. I wish every song was that straightforward!"

  5. Why Did I Give You My Heart?
    "This was my attempt at being Burt Bacharach. I dug out an old '70's jacket I inherited from my dad - complete with brass buttons - and sat at my piano like I was the man himself. I always liked the story about Brian Wilson putting his piano in a sandpit so he felt he was by the sea. I guess you could call it method songwriting This was my eccentric nod to two of my all time heroes."

"Growing a place in my brain as I listen to it more and more"
Austin Town Hall

"Davies has brewed something subtle, graceful and charming"
Barry Gruff

If You Only Knew by Paul Davies by TheDapperMan



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