Miscellaneous Plumbing Fixtures

Miscellaneous Plumbing Fixtures is the musical endeavours of just one, actually quite bearded, man.

He has gone by many names and it all began somewhere in the hazy mist of the early portion, of what earth children call, the 1990s but basically it's a catch all name that is slapped on to anything resembling a tune produced by the aforementioned hirsute gentleman.

He is currently going through a ukelele and banjolele phase but is equally happy tinkering around on pianos, guitars, harmonicas, stylophones, melodicas, mandolins and kazoos.

For the longest time he toiled away on his own ramshackle solo projects, occasionally stepping into his The Crowd That Entertains costume to accompany JEA Wallace on a few tunes but as of June last year he started one of these newfangled things called a 'podcast' and at great risk to his personal sanity, his marriage, and his physical well being, he has doggedly built The After Movie Diner Podcast into something definitely almost resembling an actual show of some kind.

Which brings us to the tunes you find here on this page...

The Diner Jukebox

MPF's latest album 'The Diner Jukebox' is comprised of 14 tracks which accompanied the first 14 podcast shows he did in 2012.

He set himself the ridiculously stupid task of attempting to come up with a movie themed ditty every week (as well a recording a 2hr show) but miraculously he managed it and the fruits of his labours are all now happily packaged together in one glorious and toe-tapping ensemble.

Another Day Another Dohler and Doin' it By Ourselves (We're The Independents) both feature the glorious Nick Consol on the piano but the rest of the tracks are all just this illusive, facial hair obsessed, shut-away doing what he can and attempting to have a few laughs along the way.

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