Juno Maracas

From the lean streets of New Malden comes the up sound from way back and the back sound from way up. Juno Maracas hit the ears some time ago - from straight out of the critically acclaimed hard core easy listening pack, Lounge Puppy.

Since then its been a magical sonic adventure. The Juno Maracas sound is squeezed out of the shotgun marriage of analogue technology and simple computer software. This is confused by the injection of sampled nonsense to create something so blissfully gleeful its just plain stupid (in a good way).

The first full length effort by Mr Maracas is called Bread, Milk & More. This is made up of two continuous musical pieces. The 14 separate tracks are clearly distinguishable, but are melted into each other. You know, like the way you can melt an action man into the back of your sister's favourite leather jacket; all you need is some applied heat. The result is pure, sweet, sticky candy for your ears, or smelly, sticky, hideousness for your sister.

It may start off as an attempt at funk or dub or techno or psychedelic but it always ends up being another intoxicatingly charming slice of unhinged Gleelectronica. That's right, GLEELECTRONICA.

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The Cure For Whatever It Is That Ails YouBread, Milk & More
Album, 2010Album, 2006

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