Juno Maracas
'Bread, Milk & More'

Type: Album
Release Date: 2006

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The Juno Maracas sound is squeezed out of the shotgun marriage of analogue technology and simple computer software. This is confused by the injection of sampled nonsense to create something so blissfully gleeful its just plain stupid (in a good way).

It may start off as an attempt at funk or dub or techno or psychedelic but it always ends up being another intoxicatingly charming slice of unhinged Gleelectronica.


  1. Juno's Dream
  2. We Were Somewhere Around Barstow
  3. Chemical Ali
  4. Monkey
  5. I Know There's A Question
  6. Flantic Ions
  7. Corridors Of Light
  8. Instamatic
  9. The Proprietor
  10. Captain Blue Sky
  11. Yellow Hammer
  12. Pop In The Eye
  13. Chop Juice
  14. Wigeon Polanski

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