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Jag is home to a wide range of fine music crafters and creators who are united under our flag. Currently we have some post rockers, some whimsical singer songwriters, a variety of techno-ists and the founding father of Gleelectronica.

So come in, have a look around, have a read and have a listen. All our artists have their own profile page which you can access below, and from there you'll be able to find out more about them, check out their releases and buy their music.

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Liquitex Paul Davies The Gummy Web Raven Beats Crow The Crowd That Entertains
Electronic DJ/Producer Singer/Songwriter Alternative Collective Indietronic Singer/Songwriters
Lush organic soundscapes with harsh industrial beats. A singer-songwriter with a love of London Town. His second album, entitled 'Tradition In Modern Times' is out on Jag now. An atmospheric and melodic guitar-based instrumental group with post-rock tendencies. London-based 4-piece with feathers in their hair, echoing the sounds of Flaming Lips and Super Furry Animals. New York-based songwriting duo that sound like the result of The Tragically Hip, The Travelling Wilburys and Tom Waits living in a cupboard for a year.
Planet Raiders Yoshi Racing Club Chris Allan J.E.A. Wallace Stop Talking
Electronic Producer Duo Electronic Producer Artist Singer/Songwriter, Poet Photographer
Their love of early electo, P-Funk, chip music and 80's computer games show in their electro funk sound. An instrumental group from Hampshire, England, who count Mogwai and Boards Of Canada as influences. A self taught artist from the UK who explores the relationship between the figure, story telling and contemporary culture. An English singer, songwriter, poet and writer based in New York City. London based photographer specialising in music and film photography as well as portrait and urban landscape.
Ghost Spinor Red Sky Lullaby Gladman Miscellaneous Plumbing Fixtures Juno Maracas
Electronic Producer Electronic Producer Singer/Songwriter Singer/Songwriter Founder, Gleelectronica
A collaborative project between New York-based DJ Stuart Kilbride and various talented vocalists. Funk inspired beats infused with synthesised overtones that produce grooves to nourish the soul. Home baked felicity, melancholy and reverie. Gladman's influences include Tim Russ, Fallon Rogers and Ben Goldacre. New York-based hirsute gentleman with a a sprinkling of movie magic. A sound that is squeezed from the shotgun marriage of analogue technology and simple computer software, otherwise known as Gleelectronica.
Lounge Puppy
Alternative, Instrumental
A cosmic post-rock band who compose guitar-based instrumental pieces with intricate melodies, bass grooves, and analogue synths.

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