Free Music from Jag!

Every month we give away not 1, not 3, but 2 free download tracks to our mailing list. If you wish to receive these just fill out your email below and you'll be sent the tracks within a couple of minutes. Here's some info on this months freebies:
  1. 'Ballad Of The Screaming Legs' by The Crowd That Entertains

    This is the 12th and final installment from their action-packed narrative album The Heist, which is being released track by track exclusively through the Jag mailing list.

    The Heist is about a man who busts his brother out of jail and the one last score they need to plan and pull off if they are ever going to be home free.

    In this final chapter of The Heist the brothers' journey comes to an end. It's a long goodbye and it's one you can sing along to!

  2. 'Sayonara Salvatore' by The Gummy Web

    This is taken from The Gummy Web's debut album, the informatively titled 'When I Stop Talking, You'll Know I'm Dead', which is out through all major digital stores on 29th October. The artwork was provided by Jag's very talented artist-in-residence, Chris Allan.

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