Jag is home to a bunch of music makers. The music that they make has come out of their bedrooms, out of rehearsal rooms, out of recording studios, out of their mouths, out of the instruments that they play and most importantly out of their mindboxes.

Jag believes that the music that these music makers make should be available for you to hear, for you to own, for you to enjoy, and for you to enjoy again.

Jag will not restrict itself to any particular styles or types or varieties or genres of music. Jag's great strength is the diversity of the music that is made by the music makers that call Jag home. Currently on Jag we have some post rockers, some whimsical singer songwriters, a variety of techno-ists, a soundscapador and the founding father of Gleelectronica.

Jag is the cure for whatever it is that ails you, stay tuned.

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